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Why Choose Us?

GNP Development is a full service real estate firm. From identifying target acquisition areas to carefully selecting finishes for every individual home, we pay momentous attention to every step. Every home is unique to us and to our clients and we treat every home as it was our own.

  • Land Acquisition
  • Property Acquisition
  • Planning and Design
  • General Contracting
  • Construction
  • Selection of Finishes
  • Delivery and Services
Our Services
Plan Development
We strive to understand the vision of our clients. Whether our client is a first time home buyer or a veteran buyer looking for a change, we utilize all our real estate expertise to give our clients the most knowledge on our product and help them realize their vision of their home. GNP Development identifies the best possible areas for developments and can help locate the property that suits best our clients.
Once the vision and design are laid out on paper, we finalize the drawings and begin construction.
General Contracting
Our team of professionals and our partners manage the projects from planning to delivery, keeping with our highest standards and timing for delivery. We carefully select our supplies and sub-contractors and ensure that their standards are meeting our demands without compromising quality and price.

We provide our clients with progress updates, welcome them to the sites, and are always ready to answer questions. We strive to offer as much flexibility during the construction process without compromising delivery schedule and being mindful of any desired changes, whenever possible.
We offer a decision-making schedule for selection of final finishes and fixtures. Our agents or team members will guide you through the selection process, when applicable, and help you make your selection while being attentive to your budget and vision.

When choosing our finishes we focus on every detail of your future home. Our selection choices include carpentry trim detail, cabinetry selection, kitchen appliances packages, carpet and wall colors, fixtures and hardware, and any other design elements.